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What if the keyboard indicator is on and all the keys fail?

2018-04-09 04:48:05

Now the computer has become an indispensable and important tool in life and office, the keyboard as the main input tool of the computer, if the key fails how should we troubleshoot the error? Below according to the small series of methods to simply eliminate the error.






The first thing to confirm is whether the keyboard failure is caused by the computer crash, you can try to press the Capslock key on the keyboard (located on the left of the keyboard "A" key) to see whether the case light is on.


If the computer does not crash, try unplugging the keyboard port, or try again with a USB port.


If the first two steps are done, the computer does not crash after the USB interface can not be used normally, then we can only use the final big move "restart the computer" to try to solve.


If the keyboard is still unusable after restarting, it is most likely damaged.

Method/Step 2

If you have two computers at home, then the real problem is much simpler, just replace the failed keyboard to another computer. If it can be used normally, then you can judge that there is a problem with the computer before, and it is recommended to try to restart the computer. If it still cannot be used normally, it is likely that the keyboard is damaged.


On the contrary, we can also find another keyboard to connect to the interface that failed before, and check whether the newly connected keyboard can work normally. If you can use it normally, then you can be 100% sure that the previous keyboard damage.

Matters needing attention

Most keyboard damage is due to water


Use Method 2 to identify problems more quickly