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What if you find out that the person you love doesn't love you like when you're in love

2018-05-11 14:24:05

A man and a woman go from knowing each other, falling in love, and then getting married. It is not so much a fate as a spiritual fit; It is mutual recognition and pity. However, even if the two people who have a tacit understanding get married, they will slowly discover the differences that cannot be eliminated between each other. A woman in love adores her beloved man like an idol, what he does is right, he says every sentence is wise. He's perfect. He never makes a mistake. Even if a man does something that others think is ridiculous, a woman will think it is trivial; Or even subjectively transfer the error elsewhere. The effect of this hormone completely makes people lose their reason, and the awareness of right and wrong is completely lost in both parties in love. Therefore, the lover's eyes are always perfect. Why do people get married in a flash? Because they never really think about their differences, but are completely controlled by hormones. Concentrate on your partner's best qualities. There is no perfect lover in this world, and there are no two people who can't get together at all; Only two people who find each other's advantages and can tolerate each other's shortcomings can go far.