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What is a woman with a scented soul?

2018-02-24 11:12:00

Women who pay attention to their inner world often have interesting souls. So, how to manage the inner world? In fact, "read thousands of books" is right, in the book to find a different soul, dialogue with it, choose its good, into their own internal cultivation, it is easy to become a woman with a fragrant soul. Next, I will tell you what is a woman with a fragrant soul by Li Xiaoyi, which I have seen.


This book follows the lives of the most influential female legends of different eras. In the eyes of the world, these goddesses are so excellent, but how many hardships and bitterness do they need to bear behind the scenery? Through their stories, I hope we can absorb some of the confidence from the depths of the soul and become a woman with a soul full of aroma. 1, the soul has a aroma, is good to others, but also not wronged themselves. When the feeling is not equal, the ability to turn around and leave; 2, the soul has the aroma, is to cherish yourself, know how to make yourself happy. Even if you choose the wrong career or lover, you can correct your mistake in time. 3, the soul has the aroma, is in retreat, decent degree. Do not screw the bar is not tight, shake hands with life; 4, the soul has a fragrance, is to invest in themselves, a broad vision, in order to accommodate others and their own growth of different;


I will not tell you all the wonderful stories written by the characters in this book, and leave them to you to enjoy; I just intercept the sentences I like to share with you: 1, helpless pain of kindness, unnecessary, also do not need. First put yourself well, then have the ability to take care of others. For women, what is scarcer than beauty is "appropriateness". 4, I believe that there are relatively perfect people in this world, but I also believe that their perfection comes from the acquired sincere cultivation, in the cold water of time quietly quenched the once hot and anxious, become bright, hardness, strength, and toughness. 5, I believe that human nature with shortcomings is more real and lovely, a woman "soul aroma" is not because she does not have shortcomings, but she has one, or several unique and significant advantages, these advantages are exclusive to her, no matter how much dust she has in the years, gently shake off, is still an interesting person. Originally, at the end of life, no matter how rich and gorgeous, is just a desolate period of life, endure is lived, enjoy is also lived. In the difficult situation, my heart is suffering and complaining, but I still know how to care for myself from every detail. Even if I am temporarily ignored by life, I am still my own treasure. This is the true strength of the eternal beauty. The sign of maturity is not to speak the truth, but to begin to understand the little things around you, to understand the circumstances around you. The most afraid of women is that they want everything, but they are not willing to do anything, so they can't get anything.