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What is the composition of aluminum A380

2018-04-26 12:48:10

Composition: Copper Cu3.0-4.0Max; Magnesium Mg0.1Max; Iron Fe2.0Max; Zinc Zn3.0Max; Manganese Mn0.5Max; Nickel Ni0.5Max; Tin Sn0.35Max. A380 aluminum alloy features: easy casting, easy machining, good heat conduction and other characteristics. A380 aluminum alloy applications: Used in a variety of products, including motor equipment chassis, engine mounts, gearboxes, furniture, machines and hand tools. Precautions for welding A380 aluminum alloy: 1. Carefully wash the welded joint with a stiff brush at the top of hot water. 2, the weldment in the temperature of 60-80℃, the mass fraction of 2% ~ 3% of chromic anhydride aqueous solution or heavy solution soaked for about 5-10min, and carefully washed with a hard brush. 3. Wash and brush welds in hot water. 4. Blow dry the weldment with hot air or dry it in a dry box at 100℃. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Aluminum A380