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What is the difference between an Emba and an mba?

2018-01-09 19:12:00

I believe that people who know Emba should know that mba and Emba have to participate in the unified examination of January master's degree, mba is a master of business, Emba is a senior executive Master of Business, both belong to the master of business, but there are many differences between the two. So what is the difference between an mba and an Emba? Next, Beifeng Business School Xiaobian summed up 5 points, hurry to see it.


Executive MBA is an Executive Management Master of Business, which is designed to train managers who hold senior positions. An mba, on the other hand, is a master of Business, which trains people who can hold or want to hold senior management positions.


The Emba courses are taught by well-known overseas scholars and professors, and the course learning focuses on inspiring students, focusing on reality and operability; The courses of mba are mostly taught by the teachers of our school, and the teaching methods of lectures, case analysis and discussion are adopted, with emphasis on theory.


Executive mba tuition fees are generally more expensive than the cost of mba, generally hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the span of different institutions is relatively large, while the MBA tuition fees are about 50,000 to 200,000 yuan, although each institution is different, but the span is not large.


Emba master successfully obtained is the senior master of Business degree, and mba is the ordinary master of business degree, from the gold content, the former naturally higher than the latter.


EAmba requires a bachelor's degree and at least 8 years of work experience, including at least 4 years of management experience; mba is at least 3 years of undergraduate work experience, at least 5 years of junior college work experience, there is no requirement for scientific experience.


What is the difference between an Emba and an mba? The above is my summary of the mba and emba differences for you, both belong to the master of Business, but the difference is not small, suitable for the crowd is not the same, so want to apply for the personnel can choose their own type according to their own situation to apply, I hope the above summary content can help you.