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What is the ending of the sister of Sun Qiangsheng in the World of Man

2018-03-12 01:36:38

In The World, Sun Chuanzhan's sister ends up committing suicide by jumping off a building. Sun Xiaoning was rejected by Zhou Bingkun, has no expectations and enthusiasm for love. If the current husband is not good to themselves, she will not choose to marry, but did not think that this marriage to Sun Xiaoning brought all kinds of pain. Sun Qiangsheng sister Sun Xiaoning to Zhou Bingkun after confessing fruitless, decided to go alone to struggle. Not long quickly flash marriage, and later found himself infected with AIDS by her husband, leaving a suicide note in anger, jumping from the upstairs, the end of the miserable life. "The world" Sun Surpass the end of "the world" compared to the National Day and catch up with these two, but slowly the days are getting better, but catch up but found out kidney disease, uremia, each time do dialysis to dozens of dollars, the disease is quite expensive. In order not to drag down the family, but also to let his son have money to go to school, catch up and eventually choose to commit suicide. Have to say that "the world" too will poke tears, catch up with a family so honest, the children are particularly obedient and sensible, but fate with them to play such a joke.