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What is the origin of rock candy

2018-04-12 01:36:55

The origin of rock candy in history is different, and various legends are impossible to study. The history of rock sugar has become confusing, but the most convincing is that in the Tang Dynasty, in the year of AD 766-779, ordinary people in the province and regions used sugar cane to make rock sugar, rock sugar was born, and the development of sugar has opened a new chapter. Folk allusions also circulate, but it is a different story. According to legend, during the Kangxi years of the Qing Dynasty, there was a girl named Fusang, who was a servant girl of Zhang Ya Xian's house, and once he took advantage of Zhang Ya Xian's not there, spooned a bowl of syrup was ready to drink when Zhang Ya Xian came, and Fusang hurriedly poured the syrup into the pig fat can, hid it in the woodpile, and put some chaff on top to cover it up. A few days later, when Fu Sang held out the pot of lard, the pot was full of many crystalline things, cracked the entrance, hard and crisp and pure sweet, its taste is better than white sugar. Fuso told about this strange phenomenon, and many people followed suit. Because the sugar produced looked like ice and tasted like honey, people called it rock sugar.