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What should beginners pay attention to on the road

2018-01-09 12:48:00

Just graduated from driving school, novice on the road in the psychological will be some nervous and not adapt to, encountered a little problem is a little panicked drivers, for this, let's take a look at the novice on the road should pay attention to what it.


To develop good driving habits, a person must first be familiar with the performance of the car, and some of the function Settings of each car are not the same. Some people do not play high beam, do not know how to change light, do not know how to turn on fog lights and turn signals, these matters are bound to be used, and related to driving safety, so we must be familiar with the theory and practice in driving.


Whether it is driving or parking, it is necessary to maintain the car distance, because the novice often has a bad grasp of the road, when there is a traffic jam or a red light, the brake is too late, so that the front is too close to the front vehicle, and the starting operation is unfamiliar, often too impatient, it is easy to hit the front car when starting again. In addition, if the driver of the front car is also a novice, it is easy to hit your car when it starts.


Novice road pre-judgment is very important "eye view six roads to see, listen to the eight sides of the debate really clear." No novice road or veteran road, must do this. Only when you observe what the road ahead is like can you make an accurate judgment. In addition to seeing, but also listen, the mirror has a blind spot, sometimes you from the mirror, do not see other vehicles, but hear the rumbling of the two cars, that should also be noticed. Among the eight main points for beginners to pay attention to on the road, this point is very important.


The illusion will have a certain hidden danger to driving safety, so the driver must understand these characteristics that are easy to cause the illusion, driving in accordance with the vehicle instrument, pay more attention to observation, accumulate more experience, beware of the illusion.


According to the statistics of the traffic department, more than 80% of traffic accidents are caused by violations of a certain party. Traffic laws and regulations are "predecessors" with lessons and experience in exchange for compliance with traffic rules is the most important thing for beginners to pay attention to when driving, so that it is possible to minimize the probability of traffic accidents.


Don't blow your headlights and honk your horn. This kind of behavior is a typical nuisance behavior, which mostly happens to novice and uneducated drivers, and other drivers can easily resent you. When driving at night, when you flash the headlights, the other side will use the headlights to fight back against you, and the result is that everyone can't see the road, and both sides are hurt.