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What should I pay attention to when toasting at the wine table

2018-02-24 14:24:00

Chinese culture, especially the wine culture, is really extensive and profound, there are many doors in it, for some people who just enter the society, there are many taboos on the wine table, it is easy to offend others accidentally, which will have a great impact on the future work and promotion. Taboos on the table below!


Sit in a good position, the seat is exquisite order, since ancient times, there are elders and children, and the wine table can not be avoided. The opposite door is the main position, the closer the position, the more compliance, can not exceed the authority.


Pour the tea and the wine. Be smart. Many times drinking service personnel, so be smart, talk less, listen more, see no wine, pour, pour wine must be filled, unless the other party can not drink, he mentioned not to pour, pour tea do not pour full.


Do not toast leaders all the time, if the leader can not drink well, it will embarrass him. Toast also must know their position, toast to the first position of the first respect.


Young people, the wine table in general, talk is not valued, so we talk less. Especially drinking can not control their own, drink two mouthfuls of wine, on the wine table talk, so destroy the atmosphere, the leader mouth does not say the heart will not like.


The wine must be drunk, should not drink, sip it casually, cheers depends on the situation, do not want others to respect you on the dry, the table to install a model, according to the situation to drink different amounts of alcohol, do not be excited, a mouth dry.


Hold each other to others face, after the leader told you some expectations, you want to thank the leader for your care, stand up, "so and so leader, thank you for trusting me, I salute you a cup, I dry you at will."

Matters needing attention

Don't drink, or don't go to the drinking table, go to the drinking table more or less drink.