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When a child asks what "death" is, how should he answer?

2018-04-11 14:24:24

One situation is that death may be fictional, and children learn about it from the media or other people's mouth. It is relatively easy to explain this situation. It can be said that death is an end and they will never move or speak again. The most difficult thing for parents is that when people around them die, they are very sad but they still have to explain to their children. At this time, parents should seriously and completely tell the child what is death, which means that people do not need to eat, and will lie there quietly to sleep, and will never see him again, but they can miss him in their hearts, but he can't talk to you, and use some children to understand the action and not, what can be done, what can not be done, simply and clearly tell the child, do not scold him. The understanding of death is also an important part of the child's cognition of the world, if you are not sure how to say the answer, you can also use a very open way, saying that you do not know and so on, you can also discuss the answer to the question with the child, to protect the child's curiosity to ask questions, and at the same time to meet the child's desire to know.