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Which one do you want to see first

2018-05-02 20:48:16

Watch the Heroine first, then watch the Heroine of the Righteous Sea. "Yihai Heroic Heroine" is the sequel of "Heroine", "Heroine" tells the story that after the death of the Qing Dynasty rice merchant, the family business is taken care of by his fourth aunt, resulting in the family's big wife, second aunt and third aunt. The background of "The Heroic Heroine of Yihai" is in the Republic of China period, the time span of 30 years, tells the story of opium since the introduction of China, many people have lost their minds due to addiction, lost their wealth, and scattered their families, and ordinary people have become decadent because of addiction. Plot: The first part: The imperial palace chef Kang Baoqi (Tang Sheren is acted the role of) with the prince, only to see the rice king Jiang Qiao once engraved on my heart. Two people after several twists and turns, can finally continue the front, Jiang Qiao married Bao Qi for four aunts too. In the face of Jiang's wife and concubine each other, the dark wind, all kinds of waves in the home, Bao Qi are with its insight and insist on one by one face. After Jiang Qiao will be the power of ownership to Bao Qi, in charge of the family, rule a rice industry kingdom. Bao Qi shouldered a thousand pounds of heavy burden, under the external worries and internal troubles, still gritted his teeth, in order to practice the commitment to Jiang Qiao - to find a suitable successor for the rice line, to continue Jiang Qiao's decades of foundation. The second part: the story is set in the 1930s, Zheng nine younger sister is the eldest daughter of the largest Mafia force Zheng Langjun, taking care of the family opium business. The situation is in turmoil, the Japanese invasion of China, Dazuo mountain iron also use opium business to earn a lot of military and eat the physical and mental health of the Chinese people, and Zheng Jiu sister continue to open opium dens, Zheng Jiu sister is regarded as a traitor, and everything she does behind another purpose.