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Who is the airspeed star scar heroine

2018-03-13 01:36:47

Star Trails of the AirSpeed actress: Lanlan Phil. The first female protagonist, in the male master's first love failure and meet in the dream city, deceive the male master, pretending that the male master thought and she had a relationship, and open the male master to the door to the power. At first, I hated skymarks. However, in the contest to invite relatives in the general assembly, the male master pretended to be green leaf heart good feelings. On the Magic Star, and Skymark become friends, gradually deepen. When the fire cloud star kills the earth salamander king, he realizes that the sky mark is the green leaf, and finally realizes that the person he loves most is the sky mark. Finally, with the hero recluse in the dark Samsung. LAN LAN's first appearance in an extended data novel: "What's the point of drinking alone?" Let me drink with you." A cold, soft little hand grasped his right hand, which was still dripping with blood. The cold covered the stinging pain, and the dimly-conscious Skymark did not realize that his right hand was no longer bleeding. Even the wound has healed somewhat. A pair of big bright eyes appeared in front of him. "I'll drink with you, OK?" "Accompany, accompany me?" Skymark looked at the bright eyes in front of him, which was the only thing he could distinguish now. "Well, drink it if you want. But I have no money to pay your bill, if you don't mind being thrown out." These were his last words of the day to stay awake, for the next moment, the green heat of the last two cups of dream had consumed most of his consciousness. The big bright eyes blinked, "No money? Interesting. No money still dare to drink the most expensive dream green, it seems, he really some special. Since you are already so decadent, you are not afraid to carry something else. Don't blame me." The waiter is very dutiful, in the recovery of the empty cup at the same time, and served two cups of dream green. Skymark poured one cup, and the other disappeared before his eyes. The bright-eyed host spat out her tongue and put the empty wine glass aside, and her movements were much more elegant than Sky marks, "Strong wine, he even drank four cups." Hey, I don't know your name?" "The name, I, I won't tell you. Or you can answer me a question and I'll tell you again." The stiff tongue made Skymark's voice a little hazy, but the big bright eyes made it out. "What question?" she asked curiously. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Airspeed Star Marks