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Why do I need a kiln

2018-05-13 01:36:10

The refractory brick, concrete and cement in the kiln system all contain more water. If the water is not evaporated in the kiln first, the temperature of the lining will rise sharply, the attached water will evaporate rapidly in large quantities, and the lining and concrete will produce large expansion force, resulting in the refractory brick exploding head and concrete cracks. In serious cases, the phenomenon of concrete falling off, refractory brick drawing and brick dropping will occur. There will also be crust blockage after feeding.


This article is based on experience


The solid fuel used in rotary kiln is bituminous coal, and its calorific value, ash content and volatile content should be in a suitable range. In general, the higher the calorific value, the better, and the lower the ash content, the better. Ash also has an adverse effect on the quality, according to the actual, bituminous coal calorific value control in 20920 ~ 25104kj/kg, ash control in 20 ~ 30% is appropriate, volatile content is best in the range of 20 ~ 30%.


Temperature: Increasing the temperature is conducive to the decomposition of limestone; Reduce the decompression of CO2, remove the decomposed CO2 at any time, so that the reaction goes in the direction of reducing the pressure, and the calcium carbonate is completely decomposed; The fineness of raw material, the finer the raw material, the faster and more complete the decomposition of limestone.