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wow, how do I get to Four Winds Valley

2018-03-13 04:48:18

According to the map of the Four Winds Valley, you can continue to do the task of the four Winds Valley after entering the Pangjia farm, and you can also do the task of the Zhu Jia Fort in Kasang Lang. The main character of this map is the Pandan Chen Stormspirit and his tribe, which is basically not related to the Alliance and the tribe. When you reach level 86 in the Emerald Grove, you go to the Chenfang Garden, after which the pandas will tell you the whereabouts of Chen Storm Spirits. Then follow the NPC instructions to the Four Winds Valley, when you arrive, you will see Lao Chen waiting for you at the entrance of the Four Winds Valley. At the same time, you will also receive a cooking mission to Mid-levels, and after completing the mission, your cooking limit will be increased. When you reach level 87, you will receive a guided mission straight to Kun.




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First, you need to do a few simple starting tasks before the "Four Winds Valley" quest line officially begins. Find Chen Storm spirits on the side of the road, and he came to the Pang family farm to complete the task. One is Chen and Lili, the other is knocking on the door.


After completing two simple tasks, Xiao, the panda man on Chen's right, will provide you with four missions to find your companion, which you can pick up if you want. Two of them, Ken Ken and Kang, have gone to the Kassanlang jungle, and the mission to find them belongs to the Kassanlang mission line; Here are only two other people associated with the Four Winds Valley Quest line, check out the Hidden Master Quest line.


Let's put aside our search for the Hidden Master for a moment, and move on to Thunderfoot Farmland. "Low-yielding turnip - recapture crop, rat infestation - near-perfect crop - zealous Miss Fanny - love to eat meat, back to the pigsty - Neighbor's duty - Greedy, Lupello - a lesson in valour"


At this time, Chen finally rested, send them to the mud cup camp to look for mud cups. Follow the NPC quest instructions! "The hero drinks slightly the same - catch the rabbit first catch the head, yellow with red to orange - the master of the secret path, true and false carrots, the thief is difficult to change - heritage - Lili's holiday, mud water" When you bring Lili to the silk workshop will receive a new task: "Moth rebellion, where the silk comes from - Moslea - broken dreams" At this point the mud cup task line is completed.


After complaining, Old Chen decided to prove himself to his family, so he led us to the business of Four Winds Valley, Mid-levels. After that, there will be some running time, and of course other NPCS will give you a mission, which you can also do. "Chen's Resolution - Find Hops, Can't carry water, Lili and grain, Water Child" Then, there will be several follow-up missions "Find Hops, can't carry water, Lili and grain follow-up" after all are completed to receive a new NPC quest.


Then came the task of Storm Spirits. It's a short mission. Just follow the directions. "Knock on the door - clear the way, the most wonderful liquid, look at those barrels, man - the last straw (complete)" Follow-up mission: "Enter the wine (refers to the introduction of the copy line), the desire of the stone plow village (guide to find Lin Roquan)"


Then, the available tasks are: Secret Master, water Whisperer, soft palm, etc. Then follow the directions north into the Fist Grove. Follow the "unyielding fist" : "The test of bamboo - dense fog, the fire pot | In the name of the soft palm, in the reputation of the soft palm - Unyielding fist: The test of wood - The taste of bird's egg - Unyielding fist: Stone Trials - Training and Discipline "(This is enough to complete the Four Winds Valley quest accomplishment, but it is recommended to spare some time to do the related missions and subsequent missions of Kassanlang.)


When the four Winds Valley and the four disciples of Kassang Lang are completed, you will be instructed to go back to Shili Village to find Commander Mai Long and submit your mission.


Then from Stoneplough to the south, you come to Nessingwari Camp. "Hunt Mushan Beast, Hunt Tiger - Hunt Fox, Hunt Mushan Beast: Dark Skin, Buck Master - Hunt Turtle - Father pressure fog gauze path mission: (After level 87 can receive the White Tiger Temple mission and Kun Daoyin mission.) Then came to the four wind Valley near Caohai, from the fog gauze path through, on the way will pass the fog restaurant, see the black prince Lahio, and received the task near the restaurant, continue after completion, received: spring drift boat boat to the shore village of Kun, so into the new task map. Cooking task line: Come from Chenfong Garden, learn relevant skills in Chenfong Garden, and buy materials from guides as required after arriving here. There will be six tasks after that. Just get it all done. "Grand scheme-barbecue | cooking, stir-frying, | stewing, | steaming, | baking, | brewing"

Matters needing attention

When doing the farmer's daughter mission, the burrow is just a little bit downhill that is, don't go far.


"Zealous Miss Fanny." Watermelon light, turnip heavy.